A student works on a tablet in the horticulture gardens.

Places you can Find Peace of Mind on Campus

Do you ever want a little bit of time for yourself? As university students, we feel a lot of pressure with assignments, work, and keeping up with our family and friends. Sometimes you may feel you cannot rest even in your own room, but let me tell you that you will not be alone. We all feel the same at one point in the semester. However, I want to let you know that there are places on campus where you can relax and chill for a little bit to restore your energy and complete the semester. 

The Wellness Centre       

A student colours in flowers on the coulouring wall.
The colouring wall in the Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre is a great resource on campus that all TRU students can access for free throughout the semester. If you find peace by talking to someone about everything that is bothering you, then you have to visit the Wellness Centre. The Centre offers free refreshments, and it is really a cool place to hang out with the Student Wellness Ambassadors. The Ambassadors and the Wellness Centre itself are a judgment-free space. The Wellness Ambassadors are also willing to connect with students. These Ambassadors are certified peer educators and have received over 50 hours of training. The Wellness Centre also has a space for you to have a nap. The Wellness Centre is open Monday to Friday and is located in Old Main 1479. 

The Horticulture Gardens

Image of gazebo and flowers in the horticulture gardens.
The gazebo in the horticulture gardens

If you are a person that finds peace in nature then you have to give the horticulture gardens a visit, especially during spring and fall. Whenever I visit this place, I always bring my journal and headphones with me. This helps me to reflect on myself and sometimes it allows me to discover solutions for problems that I face. I find writing an extremely effective way to improve one’s mental health. Being in nature makes it all better!

The Library 

Photo outside of HOL. The window has the text "library" written on it.
Outside HOL/the library

In winter, I like to stay in the library, maybe for the fact that it is warm on a cold day, but also because it really motivates me to focus on myself. So, you can grab your favorite book to read or even get a colouring book to chill out. I find the colouring book activity so fun as it allows me to coordinate colours which lets me relax and cope.

The Old Gym 

A won holds barbells and supports herself in a plan position during a wolfpack fitness class.
Fitness class in Old Gym

If your inner peace comes with exercising or dancing, then you should consider signing up for the recreation activities that happen at the Old Gym. Most of the activities are free for TRU students and they offer a variety of activities, such as yoga, Zumba, and so many more fun activities. The Gym provides a friendly, encouraging atmosphere for students to improve their health and relax by exercising. 

It is normal to feel pressure when sometimes everything tends to come at once, especially during the midterms or finals season, but the most important thing is that we need to know how to deal with such feelings. This is super important for when you enter post-secondary. Always keep in mind that you are not alone, and your mental health is important.

These are the places where I find my inner peace on campus. Our campus has many more useful resources that enhance our wellbeing for you to discover!

Future Student Ambassador, Maryam – Bachelor of Arts, “Finding Peace of Mind on Campus”, 2 Feb. 2023.

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