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It feels like my future student days were ages ago, but it was only Fall 2019 when I first applied to university. From Fall 2019 to Fall 2022, a lot has changed. First off, I’m not in high school anymore, and secondly, I am now a TRU graduate and a 1st-year student in a completely different TRU program. When I initially applied for university in Fall 2019, I only submitted one application to one university. I put my full faith into that one application, and although that seems stressful, I was applying for a non-competitive program, and I was confident I would be accepted. Amongst the non-competitive programs TRU offers, I was applying for the Bachelor of Arts intending to major in psychology. My parents really wanted me to go to university and my sister suggested psychology could be of interest to me.  

Fall 2020/Winter 2021 was my first academic school year at TRU. Although I had a subject of focus in mind, it didn’t stop me from exploring the other course options offered at TRU. Throughout my first year, I took introductory course in English, psychology, sociology, political science, and philosophy.  

Trying new things and exploring different subject areas was important to me. I also took two TRU Open Learning course in Summer 2021 (two second-year psychology courses). I enjoyed the variety and flexibility Open Learning courses offered, and this course delivery option is something I would recommend for everyone to try out. Overall, I learned a lot in my first year. Although I enjoyed most of my classes, I didn’t feel fully invested in my learning and I decided that the Bachelor of Arts program just wasn’t for me. This realization was crucial for me. If I didn’t have this moment of clarity, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My first year of university was a tremendous learning experience where I learned a lot within my courses and, more importantly, a lot about myself.  

Starting Fall 2021, I had a new game-plan: to get accepted into the TRU Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. I wished there was a way to guarantee my acceptance, but programs like the BScN are very competitive. I decided to also apply to the Respiratory Therapy Diploma Program as a back-up plan. However, my goal was to make my BScN application as strong as I could by the end of the fall semester. For Fall 2021, I upgraded a biology course, took first year biology and chemistry, and enrolled in two more second year psychology course. 

Thus far, this was my most exciting semester of university, mostly because I was working towards an important goal, but I also found interest in Chemistry. Alongside strengthening my application, I was also taking courses to complete my Associate of Arts Degree before Fall 2022 (when I would hopefully be starting my BScN at TRU). 

For the Fall 2022 intake the competitive GPA was 3.33 or higher for university applicants, and 94% or higher for high school applicants. Thankfully, by the end of the Fall 2021 semester I was applying with a GPA of 4.00. I was confident in my application; I had submitted my ‘Letter of Introduction’ and my GPA was competitive. Now, it was time to wait.   

During the Winter 2022 semester, I decided to take courses that I would enjoy, but also courses that would help me meet the requirements for my Associate of Arts Degree.  

In March, I received my admissions for the TRU BScN Program. I was thrilled! After all the excitement wore off, it was time to get focused and compete my Associate of Arts Degree before Fall 2022. To finish my degree, I need to take three more classes during the Summer 2022 semester.  

As of Fall 2022, I am a TRU graduate and a 1st-year TRU Nursing student. Although my transition from Arts to Nursing was an odd one, I don’t regret it at all. I’m glad I took the time to try things out, and I’m glad I was able to graduate before starting my new journey. 

Future Student Ambassador, Cheltey – Bachelor of Science in Nursing, “My Experience: An Odd Transition from Arts to Nursing”, 24 Nov. 2022.

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