Thompson Rivers University offers many useful services for students for free! It is vital to take advantage of all the different supports offered; these services can assist you in your studies and enhance your learning experience. There are student services for helping with writing, mental health, math, and many more. This semester, I noticed my stress level was quite high due to working multiple jobs while being a full-time student. I felt as if I didn’t have any time for myself, so I was recommended Peer Academic Coaching by one of my coworkers. 

Peer Academic Coaching gives students the opportunity to meet with another student who knows what it’s like to struggle and has experienced success. Students have the ability to book an in-person or virtual one-on-one appointment with a coach to discuss their academic challenges to try to find solutions. These coaches all have different specialties which are listed on the PAC website, so the appointments are specific to you and your struggles. I met with a coach who specializes in time-management and organization, which is just what I needed as I was feeling stressed with how many different responsibilities I had taken on this semester. Other specialties of the peer coaches include study techniques, scheduling, test preparation, prioritization, balance, and goal setting.  

The coach I met with was extremely knowledgeable thanks to all her personal experience, training, and research. Although we both were in the same year of our studies and experiencing very similar things, having a different perspective was so helpful. She gave me tips and resources to refer to for help in the areas that I’m struggling in. I was given tips for stress-management, time-management, self-care, and group project management. She helped me pinpoint my areas of struggle, such as procrastination, prioritization, stress, and my work/school-life balance. She also helped me realize my academic assets, as to not just focus on where I’m struggling, making me realize I’m doing a great job overall. My biggest takeaway from my appointment with her was that I need to lower my expectations for myself. One of my greatest weaknesses is how hard I am on myself and how high my personal expectations are. Working on this can be difficult, but I was given many useful tips to do so. One way I can do this is once I’m finished a test or an assignment, I need to realize I have no control over the outcome and allow it to leave my mind. I can often be very anxious until I get a test or assignment mark back, but I need to let it go and realize it’s no longer in my hands. 

Having someone to talk to is so important, especially when the person knows what you’re going through and can help you. Although students may not think they need to meet with a Peer Academic Coach, it is extremely helpful, no matter what year you’re in. I highly recommend this service, as it is just one of the great ways that TRU supports its students. 

Future Student Ambassador, Taryn – Bachelor of Business Administration. “Receiving Guidance from a Peer Academic Coach”, 8 Nov. 2022

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