Do you know why Monday, June 12th is an important day? It’s the start of TRU’s priority registration period!

What exactly does that mean though?

Between June 12th and 26th, TRU students can begin registering for their fall and winter courses on their designated registration date. Based on a number of factors, TRU has assigned each of you a priority registration date and time. To find your specific registration date and time, login in to your myTRU account, navigate to ‘on-campus course registration’, followed by ‘Prepare for Registration’.

A screenshot of the myTRU student portal website. A button with the text "On campus course registration" is circled in blue.

If you’ve read our previous blog post How to Timetable like a Pro, you know that we recommend timetabling in advance. Creating your proposed schedule ahead of time will make things simpler when you actually go to register.

Once your registration date and time arrives, provided you have paid your tuition deposit, you can simply register for the courses you’ve included in your plan. We recommend doing so as soon as possible – the sooner you register, the more likely your first-choice courses will still be available, since some courses will reach their maximum capacity. However, you’re able to register any time on or after your priority registration date and time. Remember to register for fall AND winter semesters.

Need a little bit of extra support with the registration process? Check out this step-by-step video demonstration.

After the priority registration period, registration is open to anyone who missed their date and time. In other words, you won’t have missed your chance to register, but you might have to go through a few more back-up options to find courses with spaces available.

As always, if you have any follow-up questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for guidance or book a virtual appointment.

Good luck with registration!

– The Future Students Team

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