Students sit in comfortable armchairs outside of the Enrolment Services office.

Thompson Rivers University is an amazing campus with a sizeable population and diverse student body, and as a result there is endless wisdom and student experiences to be shared and heard. Here are a few things that current TRU students wish they had known before they started university: 

“I wish I knew how easy it was to get caught in the small setbacks, whether that be putting something off for a class one time or waiting until the next day to finish a task even though you had more than enough time that day to finish it. This is dangerous because it snowballs, and the next thing you know you are chapters behind in a class. The trick to success in university is to do work All. The. Time. If you’re bored? Read one of the articles you might need for class or review your notes from that day before you go to bed. It’s quite simple. Try to avoid the distractions and the lazy days, and success becomes easy.” 

“I wish I knew how much support TRU has for students, and how many paid opportunities there are for students.” 

“I wish I knew more about the resources and perks available to me as a student because it would’ve helped more with my transition. For example, I didn’t realize there were so many student services available to me until after I became a student. I also just learned on Friday that students get 10% off at Save-On-Foods and that would’ve been great to know 3-years ago when I started.” 

“I wish I knew APA format.” 

“Study lots! Keep up with the material in classes by reviewing, doing practice questions, reading, study groups, or whatever works for you, and how you learn. Once you are behind, it is hard to catch up. However, do not forget to have some fun and take breaks.” 

“I wish I knew that you don’t have to be afraid to ask questions during class. It’s likely someone else is wondering the same thing, so there’s really no such thing as a dumb question. I’ve been too shy to ask for clarification and have ended up doing an assignment wrong, so I think that’s something important to remind yourself of.” 

A professor standing next to a student points at some lab equipment while the student sits and listens.

“I wish I knew about student loans and student awards. Apply for TRU entrance scholarships – it is worth it.”  

“I wish I knew I wasn’t alone in the process, and that every other 1st-year student was also clueless. TRU has a great support system for students, and faculty and peers are always available to help.” 

“I wish I knew when I first started at TRU that I could reach out to my professors for really anything! So many of them go above and beyond to help when and where they can.” 

“I wish I knew about all the sports games and events that went on around campus and how accessible they are to students!” 

The Wolfpack Womens Volleyball team gets ready to play a game in the TCC gym.

Future Student Ambassador, Cheltey – Bachelor of Science in Nursing, “What Current TRU Students Wish They Knew as Future Students”, 24 Nov. 2022

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