Photo of Bensley holding up his student card.

All TRU students get a campus card. As a future student, this information may not be relevant to you quite yet at this stage in your journey, but it is always good to know for the further down the road! The TRU Campus Card is the main form of identification on campus that proves a student is currently enrolled at TRU. The campus card displays information including T-ID (aka student number – also used as the username for all system logins including student email accounts). While it is often used for identification such as during tests and examinations, its features extend far beyond just a simple ID. The Campus Card is key to accessing services and spaces around the university.

In this blog, I will be sharing with you five ways to make the most of your campus card once you officially become a TRU Student!

Graphic that says, "What is you T-ID used for?" with and example student card of Wolfpack mascot Wolfie.

Free Access to Wolfpack Games and Recreation

Photo of Wolfpack men's Volleyball game in the TCC taken from the stands.

Throughout the year, WolfPack Recreation organizes and implements a variety of special events, intramural sports, drop-in activities, and fitness classes for the university community. What does this have to do with your campus card? You can access these events with your card! TRU also features a number of varsity teams that compete against other universities from all over the country. Having your TRU Campus Card handy means that you get to attend WolfPack games for FREE! Whether you’re in the game or cheering from the stands, there’s nothing quite like the energy and excitement of university athletics!

Student Discounts at Merchants throughout Kamloops

Photo of Bensley holding a Dominio's Pizza box and a 25% off for tru students coupon.

We all can agree that we love a good deal. I mean who doesn’t? But did you know there are some places that actually give discounts to TRU students? That’s right! On top of the lifesaving discounts that we enjoy from big brands such as Amazon, Wendy’s, and Dominos, there’s a host of other businesses (even around Kamloops) where you can enjoy these same benefits.

Over the years, the Thompson Rivers University Students’ Union (TRUSU) has worked with various local retailers, service providers, grocery and food-related stores, wellness providers, and transportation companies to secure amazing discounts for TRU Students. TRUSU recently announced a new discount program through the Deals app which collects coupons for discounts on everything from haircuts to spin classes, and much more. It is so easy to use – after downloading the app, you will simply create an account with your student ID, and start saving!

Unlimited Transit Pass for the City of Kamloops

Photo of Bensley holding up his student card in front of a bus.

Whether you will commute to campus, live nearby, or reside in a dorm, getting around can sometimes feel like a hassle. Thankfully, there are several bus routes that converge at the loop on campus, so it’s easy to get here from wherever you are in town. Students ride for free with the UPASS provided by the TRU Students’ Union. The TRUSU UPASS is an unlimited transit pass for the City of Kamloops provided to every student enrolled at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops. The UPASS allows you to get to and from classes, work, school, and more at a low cost to both your bank account and the environment. To activate your UPASS for that semester you just need to bring your campus card to the Members’ Services Desk in the Students’ Union Building (1st floor of the Campus Activity Centre) and have it swiped.

Free Swimming at TCC & 50% Off at the TCC Gym

Photo in front of the Tournament Capital Centre.

The Tournament Capital Centre is where our varsity athletes practice and have home games and is also a hub of recreation in Kamloops. As a TRU student, you will have the chance to make use of the Tournament Capital Centre’s (TCC) Olympic size pool and track for free as part of your UPass. But wait! It gets better than that, you will also get a 50% discounted fee membership for about $30/month that gives you full access to the Tournament Capital Centre including the gym, high performance gym, indoor track, and outdoor track.

Accessing Library Services

A black and white photo of Bensley choosing a book from the library.

With your TRU Campus Card, you can borrow more than just books at the TRU Library! Besides traditional print resources such as books, encyclopedias, journals and magazines, the library keeps a stock of audiovisual materials and equipment available for students to rent. You may be able to rent or check out cameras, voice recorders or even projectors which you can use for your assignments and projects.


In conclusion, the TRU Campus Card is not only a form of identification but also a key to accessing a multitude of services and benefits offered on campus and around Kamloops. From free access to Wolfpack games and recreation, student discounts at local merchants, an unlimited transit pass, free swimming and gym discounts at the Tournament Capital Centre, and access to library services, the TRU Campus Card is a must-have for every TRU student. So make sure to get your hands on one and make the most of your university experience!

Future Student Ambassador, Bensly – Bachelor of Computing Science. “Your TRU Campus Card: It’s More Than Just a Student Card!” 4 Feb. 2023

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