Who we are and what we do!

Now that we’ve introduced the Future Students Office, it’s time to introduce a team of highly involved current students, the Future Student Ambassadors!

This dynamic group of pupils is here to help future students discover all that TRU has to offer by sharing their experiences and journeys. They work with the Future Students Office to promote TRU through on and off campus events, virtual information sessions, high school visits, presentations, open houses, and career and education fairs across British Columbia, Canada and more.

The ambassadors are a welcoming bunch, so never fear to ask them questions!

Want to see our Future Student Ambassadors in action? Check out our campus tour here!

The Ambassadors

Collage of the seven student ambassadors and the TRU logo

Meet the Fall 2021 Future Student Ambassadors! Each individual brings a diverse and engaging background to the table. Read more below to familiarize yourself with the ambassadors.

Meet Alex!

Photo of Student ambassador Alex in her Wolf Pack cheerleading uniform

Alex is from Kamloops (TK’emlups), residing in beautiful BC studying Psychology, Communications, and Marketing. She is very active at TRU and grasps at any opportunity presented to her. Alex gets involved on campus as a student athlete (WolfPack cheerleader and teams manager), co-op student, TRU World Social Media Ambassador, TRUSU Equity Committee member, and as a part-time WorkStudy student assisting with marketing, communications, and storytelling with the Faculty of Student Development.

Alex has been an advocate for mental health, participating in Bell’s “Let’s Talk” mental health campaign, and has even performed at Open House events, volunteered at student-wide food drives, and competed in the University World Championships of Cheerleading, placing fifth across the world! If you attend any WolfPack games in the foreseeable future, you may see her showcasing her cheerleading skills.

Meet Valeria!

Photo of student ambassador Valeria smiling in front of a tree

Valeria is an international student from El Salvador majoring in Communications and New Media whilst minoring in Marketing. Valeria plays a key role on our team, acting as a voice highlighting the TRU experience. Living on campus, she is knowledgeable about the residences and can tell you all about the special friendships and moments she’s created out of her dorm life. As an ambassador, Valeria leads campus tours, interacts with prospective students at events, and shares her vivid university story.

Valeria has immersed into campus life from her positions as a Social Media Coordinator for TRUSU Engage for Change Club and a TRU World Social Media Ambassador. She is a friendly outgoing person, and loves to travel, volunteer, play sports, watch movies, and cherishes her spare time with friends and family.

Meet Hailey!

A selfie of student Ambassador Hailey

Hailey is a Metis student studying to graduate with her Accounting Technician Diploma, but didn’t start with this program. TRU helped her explore different curriculums which allowed her to maneuver her future pathway. Generally, Hailey has insightful knowledge on a wide array of programs at TRU, and If you are a new-to-TRU Indigenous student, Hailey will be an amazing mentor for you and direct you to Indigenous events and resources available on campus.

Hailey has studious plans of laddering into the Bachelor of Commerce program and eventually completing the Chartered Professional Accountant program. TRU has benefitted her, setting her up from success from the beginning.

Meet Arnica!

A Selfie of student ambassador Arnica

Arnica is a third-year Bachelor of Arts student at TRU, majoring in communications and new media studies and minoring in marketing. She was born and raised in Kamloops and decided to come to TRU after graduating early – she’s been having a blast here ever since. When she’s not on campus, Arnica likes to ski, paddle board, travel, and hang out with her dog. This is her first semester as a Future Student Ambassador, and she’s looking forward to connecting with prospective students (YOU!) 🙂  

Arnica is a former Team Canada gymnast and has experience as a student athlete, like Alex, and was a WolfPack cheerleader during her first year. She found being on a sports team helped her transition into university much easier. It provided a support system that shared a common interest and allowed her to meet new people who she now calls her close friends. Arnica believes it’s worth it to step out of your comfort zone and join a club, team, or even an intermural sport. It is an excellent opportunity to broaden your experience at TRU! 

Meet Erin!

A Photo of student ambassador Erin

Erin is currently in her 3rd year at TRU and her 2nd Year in the Bachelor of Natural Resource Sciences Program! As a Future Students Ambassador, she’s looking forward to representing TRU as well as the NRS Program! Erin moved to Kamloops in 2019 to begin attending TRU and has lived here ever since. She loves the beautiful campus and the small class sizes – being able to connect with her instructors rather than feeling like just another student number in the masses is one of her favourite things about TRU.  Erin took almost 10 years off after graduating high school before she chose to pursue her post-secondary education. She’s a great person to connect with if you’re considering furthering your education after some time off.

Along with her role as a Future Students Ambassador, Erin is a CO-OP student and is currently involved with the TRU Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society. She is very passionate about natural resource science and encouraging women to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education and careers.

Meet Abby!

A Selfie of student ambassador Abby

Abby is a Métis student in the Bachelor of Arts program, majoring in Geography and Environmental Studies. In 2020, she moved from a small town in B.C. to Kamloops to attend TRU. She thinks it was the best decision she has ever made! If you’re leaving a small town and feeling overwhelmed, Abby is a great person to go to for advice! She loves the small class sizes and many student supports that TRU has to offer, which have made her transition from high school to university seamless.

Abby loves to be outdoors. When she’s not studying, you can find her spending time doing a variety of activities such as hiking, skiing, and camping. She’s also an avid reader!  

Meet Adrian!

A photo of student ambassador Adrian

Adrian is a Metis student from Nelson, BC, working towards completing his bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Adrian is in his third year, having completely his first two years at a smaller college. Adrian is a great resource for other transfer students who have questions about how to ease the transition!

Adrian was a Student Ambassador at his previous college and is excited to take on a leadership role at TRU. He is passionate about creating and cultivating an inclusive, diverse, and culturally sensitive atmosphere within the educational community. Adrian has worked in the past with initiatives to combat mental illness during the pandemic and is an advocate for mental health.

We look forward to meeting you!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know the ambassadors and secured a sense of all that the #myTRU experience entails. Now that you’ve met our team, we strongly encourage you to reach out to them over your duration of time at TRU. Our friendly, companionable ambassadors want to be your connecting link between all the opportunities, resources, and support that our university has to offer, so when passing by in the hallways, give us a shout. We don’t bite!

Connect with us on Instagram and TikTok – @TRUFutureStudents

Thank you, Kukwstsétsemc.

Good luck, and see you soon!

          -The Future Student Ambassadors 🙂

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