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The key to having a successful #myTRU experience is through getting involved, and there is never a shortage of ways to do so. Associating yourself into all that TRU has to offer will help you gain experience, acquire important skills, construct your network, and build a sense of community and belonging. Just as important as classroom learning, getting involved is a crucial element of the university experience. The range of opportunities are as diverse and unique as the students on this campus, and to help you out, we’ve compiled some great ways for you to get involved at TRU.

Ways to Get Involved

Become a Peer Mentor

Lead as a student ambassador.

Peer mentorship programs are a great way to develop your skills and engage on campus while supporting your peers. It encourages a give-and-take dynamic, where both the mentor and mentee offer advice and viewpoints and learn from each other. It not only looks great on a resume, it is a fantastic way to make friendships! We obviously have first-hand experience with this one and love it!

Join Student Government

Be a voice for students.

Be the change! The TRU Student Union (TRUSU) represents the interests of the student body through the implementation of innovative programs, services, and initiatives that enrich students’ lives. Joining student government goes beyond leadership and teamwork skills, by helping to create memories, build relationships, and learning more about your personal goals.

Network with Faculty and Professionals

Connect with professionals in your field.

Networking is all about meeting and forming contacts with people in your field. It helps cultivate better opportunities, gives you practice for your social game, enhances your educational experience, and allows you to keep learning beyond academics. With TRU’s average class size being 30 students, networking is a breeze. Reach out to staff and profs, because you never know what opportunities it will bring

Get Active

Take part in a varsity sport, intramurals, or recreational fitness.

Staying active is a vital part of a healthy life. Physical activity liberates endorphins, while movement allows us to feel happier and more relaxed throughout the day. Participate in WolfPack recreation to decrease stress, meet new people, boost academic performance, and improve physical, social, and spiritual wellbeing. From zumba, basketball, to yoga and more, there are several ways available to remain active!

Affiliate with a Club

Discover like-minded relationships and share your passions.

Explore over 80 student clubs on campus. Clubs are a great way to connect academics to your personal life while sharing interests and acquiring soft skills along the way. Clubs allow you to have a better balance of work and play, pick up event planning skills, and discover like-minded individuals. From chess, pride, running, and women in business, there’s a club available for

Attend On Campus or Virtual Events

Experience the fun of university student life.

At any given time during the school year, TRU’s events calendar is always full of various opportunities. Events are essential towards getting the most out of university. Events are often free to attend, a learning experience, a chance to meet new people, and build a sense of community on campus. Whether you have an interest in athletics, theater or anything in between, there are bound to be some activities that will grab your undivided attention.

Partake in Research

Get hired as a research assistant.

Collaborate, create, and innovate. Engaging in undergraduate research will increase your academic and professional success, enhance your ability to think critically, ask tough questions, and search for compelling answers. Research also acts as service to the community, and studies show that students who have career-related work experience while attending school increase their educational and career outcomes. This is your educational journey – make the most of it!

Connect Education with Employment

Gain work experience with co-op, work study, and volunteerism.

Enhance your education with career-related work experience – in the classroom or in the community. Combine on-campus learning with practical applied learning, learn through experiences in the community and on campus, and receive career planning or job search support from first year to graduation. Connect your education to the career you want.

Closing Remarks

Ready to make some memories?

Find a way to get involved – you’ll notice yourself change, you’ll see the impact of your work, you’ll leave a positive impact, and you’ll make campus a better place.

– The Future Student Ambassadors 🙂

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