A big part of your new life as a university student will consist of continuous study sessions and assignments. But don’t worry, TRU has many different study spaces all over campus to fit your needs and preferences to make studying a little more fun. Whether you need to prepare for a midterm, work on a group assignment, or simply go over your readings, at TRU you can always find a new place to study. Final exams have now started for current TRU students, so in this blog, I will list my top five study spots!

1. The third floor of The Brown Family House of Learning (HOL) 

The House of Learning is a top pick for many TRU students. In it, not only will you find a Tim Hortons to supply you with your daily dose of caffeine, but there are numerous study spaces inside of this four-floor building. My favorite study spot here is located on the third floor. There you can find multiple individual study cubicles with electrical outlets, lamps, spacious desks, and comfortable chairs. Not only are these study spaces very quiet, but you also get access to TRU’s library! Librarians are more than happy to help with any questions or concerns you might have. If you are anything like me and prefer to study in a place where there is absolutely no noise, you can even go into the library where you will find some long study tables – a true hidden gem!  

2. Students’ Union Building

The Students’ Union Building has many open spaces with multiple study spaces on their first and second floor. On the first floor, not only will you find Common Grounds – the only student operated coffee shop on campus- but you will also find a variety of individual tables where you can study on your own or with your friends. If you are wanting to book a room with some classmates to study, this is the perfect place to do so! You will find multiple rooms with outlets, tables, chairs, screens, and whiteboards. On the second floor, there are also more study rooms, as well as longer tables to study and sofas to sit down on. Although this might not be the quietest place, the spaces are really comfortable to be in and there is always space available!

3. Olara

This building has now been transformed into a study space- and it has become one of my favorites! It has many different tables to study, as well as printers and computers available to everyone. It is a quiet space, but there is also room to study with friends and work on group assignments.

4. The third and fourth floor of Old Main

Old Main is a big, multi-faculty building that has many study spaces all throughout. However, there are some hidden study spaces on the third and fourth floor that are definitely worth checking out. These two floors house the Faculty of Law, and here you will find sofas and tables for individual and/or group study sessions. Not only are these areas almost always empty and super quiet, but you also get a great view of the campus!

5. The third floor of the Arts and Education Building

The Arts and Educations Building has some great study spaces, but my favorite has to be the one located on the third floor! It is a study lounge where you will find a microwave, chairs, sofas, and bar-like tables for individual studying. The magic of this area is that it has a balcony that has the best view of Kamloops! When it is not too chilly outside, you can sit down and do some work while admiring the beautiful scenery. On this floor, you will also find some computer labs by the end of the hallways.

These are definitely not all the study spaces at TRU, but I compiled a list of my favorite places so you can judge for yourself when you come here! In the meantime, check out this video for a few options I didn’t have time to mention.


I personally like switching it up a little throughout the semester and I am always surprised by the great variety and many hidden spots on campus. Make sure to comment below what are you most excited about being a TRU student!

TRU Future Student Ambassador, Valeria – Bachelor of Arts, “My Favorite Study Spots

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