Kamloops has many beautiful hiking and walking trails in and around the city that are great to explore. If you’re looking for an outdoor activity to do this summer check out these trails. This is a great way to get the family together to do an activity outdoors while enjoying nature and some beautiful sights Kamloops has to offer.

Kenna Cartwright

Kenna Cartwright Park has over 40 kilometers of trails ranging in difficulty and distance. With multiple entrances to the park you can get different views of the forests, Kamloops lake, or a panoramic view of Kamloops. This hike is a personal favourite mostly because of the diversity of the trails and views from the Tower Trail.

Sun Peaks

Image of view from a Sun Peaks hiking trail

Sun Peaks Trails in British Columbia is great for people who love the outdoors. There are over 50 kilometers of trails with views of the meadows, lakes, mountain peaks, and the village. You can choose to take the chairlift up to the top to start your trail or start from the bottom and hike up.

Rivers Trail

Image of Thompson River from Rivers trial hike at sunset

The Rivers Trail is a very popular path in Kamloops which spans over 40 kilometers. This is a multi-use trail system which is great for biking, rollerblading, running, or walking. Depending on where you start on the trail you can get different views of the river. Kilometre zero can be found at Riverside Park which is where the North and South Thompson Rivers meet.

Tranquille Creek

Image of view from Tranquille River hiking trail

Tranquille Creek is another hidden gem in Kamloops, located past the airport. This trail is shaded most of the way with a beautiful creek off to one side. Pine Park is located along this trail and has a covered picnic area you can enjoy. This trail is pet friendly so no need to leave your furry friends at home!

Gibraltar Rock

Image of Paul Lake from Gibraltar Rock hiking trail

The Paul Lake hike is located just outside of Kamloops but is worth the drive. The Gibraltar Rock hike has an amazing view of both sides of Paul Lake when you get to the top. The hike is mostly through the forest with a few benches to stop at during your hike. After your hike you can have a picnic at one of the tables or go for a swim in the lake.

McArthur Island

Image of scenery from McArthur Island trail

The McArthur Island trail is great for a quick walk through nature within the city. This trail wraps around McArthur Island and has a shorter route and a longer route. The trail is paved the whole way around and is mostly flat making it easy to walk. There are other activities to participate in while coming to walk this trail including disk golf, mini golf, or watching sporting events.

Peterson Creek

Image of Peterson Creek hiking trail

Peterson Creek is somewhat hidden within the heart of downtown Kamloops. The trails are well maintained and are great for a quick hike, run, or walk. The park has a beautiful creek running through it and you can even see a waterfall on one of the trails. There is also a grassy field near the parking lot that is great for a picnic or a rest after your hike.

* Be aware of your surroundings and any animals that may be in the area as this is their home and you are a guest. Make sure that whatever you take in, you take out with you and bring enough water to last for your hike especially during the hot days *

TRU Future Student Ambassador/Student Recruitment Co-op student Kira – Bachelor of Arts Student, “Kamloops Hiking Trails”, July 5, 2023

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