Beautiful British Columbia! It’s not just a phrase you’ll see on our license plates – it’s 100% true! We are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and here in Kamloops there is no shortage of things to enjoy. The Kamloops climate lends itself to beautiful, hot, sunny summers with plenty of things to enjoy. In this blog, I will be your guide as I tell you about some of my favourite things to do around Kamloops in the summer! 


I love to go camping! Packing up the dog and all the camping gear, I’ll take off to some of my favourite camping spots around Kamloops. Kentucky-Alleyne Lake and Bluey Lake have beautiful, clear, turquoise water that almost looks tropical, and make for amazing scenery to enjoy while swimming, fishing, or even taking the kayaks out for a spin. Community Lake is another spot close to Kamloops that I have enjoyed. Some other spots that I’m intending to try camping at this coming summer include Paul Lake and Logan Lake – maybe I’ll see you there! 

A photo of a campfire next to a picnic bench and folding camp chair. there is a black lab with a harness that is attached to the picnic bench.


Hiking is another favourite pastime of mine – and my love for being outside in nature has only grown since starting the Natural Resource Science Program at TRU! The Mara Loop trail in Lac du Bois is a great place to check out the outstanding and unique grassland ecosystems that the Kamloops region is known for. Kenna Cartwright (British Columbia’s largest municipal park) is an excellent place to go hiking, and it’s even conveniently located right near TRU’s campus. Additionally, while Sun Peaks is widely known as being an excellent ski resort, that alpine terrain is outstanding to hike. The beautiful views coupled with alpine wildflowers make for a wildly enjoyable day out! Finally, some other great hiking spots include Battle Bluffs, Rivers Trail, Pineview Recreational Trails, and many others. There is no shortage of amazing places to get outside and enjoy the amazing weather we get here in Kamloops. 

Great Places to Eat and Drink 

After all that time outside exploring, I’ll bet that you’re ready to quench your thirst and get something to eat – I know I am! Patio season is upon us, and on a gorgeous sunny afternoon I love to enjoy a refreshing beverage and some lunch outside in the warmth and sunshine. Some of my favourite places to grab a cold drink and a patio lunch include Cordo, Mittz Kitchen, Red Beard, and the Noble Pig. The Noble Pig has a huge patio, which used to be a pool! It has since been filled in and provides lots of seating to enjoy a nice cold beer and some delicious food. Red Beard is another one of Kamloops’ brewpubs, and has a gorgeous, pet friendly patio space. 

After lunch, let’s check out the Kamloops Farmers’ Market! It sets up twice a week and is one of my favourite places to shop. I get all my produce there in the summer (that I don’t grow myself) and have even gotten some great gardening advice from some of the vendors. Other items you can find here include farm fresh eggs and meats, kombucha, coffee, home baked goods, and gorgeous handcrafted art, clothing, and jewelry!  

Sun Peaks 

Now, I’ve already mentioned that Sun Peaks is a great place to enjoy a hike in the summer, but there are so many other things to do up here when the weather is warm! In addition to the hiking trails, there are also many biking trails to enjoy. There are several shops and restaurants that are worth checking out, and plenty of summer events and activities. Want to relax and explore at the same time? A horse drawn carriage ride is a lovely way of taking a tour of the beauty that Sun Peaks has to offer.  

BC Wildlife Park

The BC Wildlife Park is one of my favourite places to visit in Kamloops, and I have gone here at least 5 times already since moving here! Walking through the park, you can see and learn about a wide variety of BC wildlife. The Wildlife Park focuses on rehabilitation of wildlife and, in the event that their release into the wild is not possible, they care for the animals through the dedicated work of employees and volunteers.  

Going for the first time? I recommend booking yourself in for a guided tour with a staff member, which includes an encounter with one of their educational ambassador animals! The last time I went, I got to enjoy an encounter with a burrowing owl and learned so many new things about them and conservation efforts for this wonderful species. 

Photo of a Grizzly bear in its enclosure at the BC wildlife park.


Southern Interior British Columbia has an awesome climate for wine – and wine tastings! If you are of age, there are many amazing vineyards to visit around Kamloops, including Privato, Harper’s Trail, and Sagewood. Harper’s Trail Winery is one of my favourites – I love a glass of their pinot gris on a hot sunny day. Taking a wine tour through Kamloops’ vineyards is an excellent way to spend a summer’s day with some friends. 

Summer Events Worth Checking Out! 

Finally, we can excitedly await the return of some crowd favourite summer events that take place in Kamloops! On the docket this summer are events such as Kamloops Daybreak Rotary Ribfest, Kamloops Dragon Boat Festival, Kamloops Highland Games, and Kamloops International Buskers Festival – among other great events! These are definitely worth checking out! 

Listed here are some of my favourite things to check out around Kamloops in the summer, but don’t hesitate to explore and find some favourite summer spots of your own, too! This list only scratches the surface of all the amazing things that Kamloops has to offer. I can’t wait to see you all out adventuring this summer! 

TRU Future Student Ambassador, Erin – Bachelor of Natural Resource Science, “Summer in Kamloops”

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